After having an intense meeting with the client, we had a good idea of what needs to be created in 3d and what we needed to shoot on set and in studio, first thing was drawing up a story board to get approved

Story board for concept on rock man

Next step after approval was to get a system down for the rock man and what he’s gonna look like, so we send a Photographer to Capetown, getting some nice rugged rocky images with a paths.

Photography shot approved by client

While this stage was going down it was time to do some 3D modeling tests and what system we gonna be using for the final rendered image and TVC’s, finally settling on Redshift.

Zbrush was the only choice for the rock man, base mesh started
sculpting some details and working out the system for rock man

We new we had to create some landscape to house the rock man inside so testing out a lots of landscape generated software’s, finally settling on one of them.

Getting landscape on the way to blend Rock man inside
Details and sculpting finished and ready for a render test

Final render test, using Redshift

Time has come for the shoot day…

Shoot finally over, hands didn’t work on both bars so gonna comp everything together

Hand painted rocks and details still going on behind the scenes

Digital helicopter and board added, everything comped into scene and rendered with grading and airbrushing, Final size for 5m Billboards and all print elements.

After weeks of work it was time for the tree creature and all the Tv elements with animation and green screen…

behind the scenes epic video