DXF was approached by Moshate Media to create an interactive VR journey as well as a virtual MC with actress for a Shell event.

The VR activation included 4 stations with activation girls and the virtual MC (real time character) needed to interact with the audience and presenters in real-time.

First thing we needed to do was create 3 scenes, a menu system, future shell garage and a hi-tech office all in real-time, Unity was our tool of choice to develop the interactive content and Maya for creating all the 3d models and elements, programing interactive hot-spots, info graphic icons, robots, cars, city, office elements etc…

Motion controllers and the Oculus system was used to drive the message and journey, using a laser system was the easiest approach for people to use and understand, a point and click type system, from there visual cues helped trigger cars riding and our friendly robot to bring you some Vida coffee and snacks.


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