Virtual Reality

Let Us Transport your Audience into the Virtual World


Unlike anything you’ve experienced. Whether you’re interacting in a digital world or checking out a new show room, the possibilities are endless. Let us take you there…



Launches, activations, conferences, exhibitions, education, training, visual experiences and entertainment



Small space needed to setup visor and laptop or desktop, setup takes about 10 minutes



We create content in realtime and rendered, push boundries and let us add interactivity in the VR world

The Creative possibilities of storytelling is just getting started

Highest Quality VR Experience


Contains a build-in display


Requires Computer to operate


Amazing experience for smaller groups

Lower Quality VR Experience


Very Affordable and Mobile


Requires Cell phone connected into Visor


Great experience for the masses

Virtual Reality MAN

360 Projects

Below find a 360 image of our VR ABSA activation. Use your cursor to browse around